Simmba vs 2.0 Box Office Collection


2.0 is India’s highest grossing movie of all time and Ranjnikant sets a new benchmark with the release. As 2.0 got released in 2018, we also have Simmba featuring Ranveer Singh getting released in December 2018. Recently we have seen seeing people comparing Simmba with 2.0 to have a better understanding of the movie. Hence, we are here comparing Simmba vs 2.0 Box Office collection.

Simmba vs 2.0

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Simmba vs 2.0 Facts

Simba is a remake of Telugu movie “Temper” featuring Jr. NTR. 2.0 is one of the expensive movies in Bollywood with a budget of 500 – Cr. In 2.0 we see Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth working together for the first time. 2.0 got released in over 10,000 screens, whereas Simmba is getting released in just 3000 screens across India.

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Item Simmba 2.0
Hero Ranveer Singh,
Sara Ali Khan,
Sonu Sood,
Ajay Devgn
Director Rohit Shetty S. Shankar
Original Industry Bollywood Kollywood
Budget Unknown 543 Cr
Release Date 28-December-2018 29 November 2018
Total Screens 3000 6900
Release Languages Hindi Tamil, Telugu, Hindi
IMDB Rating 7.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 6.3/10

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Simmba vs 2.0 Box Office Collections

We will definitely see a huge Box Office collection difference between Simmba and 2.0. One major reason is the difference in the Screen Count. As Simmba is the only Bollywood movie getting releasing that week, we might see it grossing a good amount. Here we are dividing day wise Simmba Box Office Collection vs 2.0 Box office collection.

Day Simmba 2.0 Difference
1st Day 20.75 Cr 117 Cr 96.25 Cr
2nd Day 23.33 Cr 73.60 Cr 50.27 Cr
3rd Day 31.06 Cr 91.28 Cr 60.22 Cr
4th Day 21.24 Cr 123.37 Cr 102.13 Cr
5th Day 28.19 Cr 46.52 Cr 18.33 Cr
6th Day 14.49 Cr 40.15 Cr 25.66 Cr
7th Day 11.48 Cr 34.7 Cr 23.22 Cr
8th Day 9.02 Cr 27.31 Cr 18.29 Cr
9th Day 13.32 Cr 32.87 Cr 19.55 Cr
10th Day 17.49 Cr 36.45 Cr 18.96 Cr

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Ranveer Singh vs Rajinikanth

Ranveer is known actors amount the youth whereas Rajinikanth is legendary. There is definitely no comparison between both the actors, but looking at the public demand here we are comparing Ranveer Sings vs Rajinikanth.

Popularity and Fame

We all know Rajanikanth, the world knows Rajanikanth, He is the biggest superstar in Indian Film Industry and also known around the globe. He has done more than 150 Movies, which clearly talks about his popularity.

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Ranveer Singh is a growing actor and we have seen his fan following amount the youth. We are seeing huge growth in his popularity in Indian and abroad.

Performance in this movie

Rajinikanth’s performance, as usual, is unequaled and breath talking in 2.0. The Movie is completely driven by his performance along with Akshay Kumar.

Ranveer Sing’s in Simmba is quite impressive. He has done an amazing role in the movie. Even after being a remake from Telugu movie Temper, Ranveer does bring some originality to his character.

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