Simmba vs Zero Box Office Collection

Zero Vs Simmba

Zero Vs SimmbaThis Christmas in Bollywood we two big Movies and that is Zero and Simmba. Zero’s performance was not that great but Shahrukh’s stardom allows the movie survival. With the release od Simmba, People have started comparing it with Zero and because of public demand, we are here comparing Simmba Vs Zero.

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Zero vs Simmba Facts

Zero is an original Love Drama movie, whereas Simba is a remake of Telugu movie “Temper“. Also, we have the young a popular Ranveer Singh competing with the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan.

After Kedarnath, this is Saral Ali Khan‘s 2nd Movie. Unlike Zero, Simmba is a low budget movie.

Item Zero Simmba
Hero Ranveer Singh
Sara Ali Khan,
Sonu Sood,
Ajay Devgn
Director Aanand L. Rai Rohit Shetty
Original Industry Bollywood Bollywood
Budget 200 Cr Unknown
Release Date 21-December-2018 28-December-2018
Total Screens 5965 3000
Release Languages Hindi Hindi
IMDB Rating 8.2/10 6.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 5/10 5.3/10


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Zero vs Simmba Box Office Collection

There is no doubt that there will be a huge difference in the total Box Office Collection. But there’s hope that that Christmas Holiday could help them gain some more audience. The biggest Box Office Collection for Ranveer Singh was Ram-Leela which has grossed above 70 Cr.

Zero Movie, on the other hand, has got a mixed reaction and we have seen a drop in its Box Office Collection. Here let’s see

Day Zero Simmba Difference
1st Day 35 Cr 20.75 Cr 14.25 Cr
2nd Day 28 Cr 23.33 Cr 4.67 Cr
3rd Day 25 Cr 31.06 Cr 6.06 Cr
4th Day 18 Cr 21.24 Cr 3.14 Cr
5th Day 22 Cr 28.19 Cr 6.19 Cr
6th Day 15 Cr 14.49 Cr 0.51 Cr
7th Day 12 Cr 11.48 Cr 0.52 Cr
8th Day 6 Cr 9.02 Cr 3.02 Cr
9th Day 4 Cr 13.32 Cr 9.32 Cr
10th Day 3 Cr 17.49 Cr 14.49 Cr


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Ranveer and Shahrukh are the most loved actors, but the popularity does have a huge difference. Shahrukh Khan is a well rounded and one of the highest paid actor. But Ranveer has also gained his popularity recently.

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Popularity and Fame

There is no doubt Shahrukh Khan has more popularity that Ranveer. Shahrukh Khan has a huge fan base in India and well as abroad.

Ranveer Singh is known for his energy and hard work. He has recently gained some great popularity. We are sure that in the coming few years he be seen on big screens.

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Movie Performance

As said, Zero has got a mixed reaction, but Shahrukh Khan’s performance in the movie is quite appreciated. The only complaint that the movie had was an improper direction.

As Simmba is a remake of Temper and we sort of know what the story is about. Looking at the trailer, people do have to appreciate his performance.

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