Zero Vs Simmba Box Office Collection


Simmba versus Zero
It is Christmas time and people take out some time from their life to enjoy the festival watching movies with their friends and family. This Christmas, there are 2 new Bollywood movies coming that is Zero and Simmba. As both the movies are clashing in the same month, there is a lot of talk happening about these movies. In this post, we are going to compare Zero vs Simmba.

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Zero Versus Simmba Facts

Zero Movie has a clear win over Simmba as the movie featuring the King of Bollywood & Salman Khan. But, Simmba being an action movie, could do good in the box office.

After the movie releases, we might get to know more about the facts on how much did both the actors charged for the movie. Apart from this, we might get to know more details about the movie.

For those who are planning for Simmba, let us clear this to you that the movie is a remake of Jr. NTR’s Telugu movie “Temper.

HeroRanveer Singh
DirectorRohit ShettyAanand L. Rai
Original IndustryHindiHindi
Budget150 Cr200 Cr
Release Date29-December-201821-December-2018
Total Screens4000+5965
Release LanguagesHindiHindi
IMDB Rating6.8/108.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating

Zero versus Simmba  Box Office Collection 

Talking about Box Office Collection, Shahrukh Khana’s Zero has a clear advantage. This does not mean that Simmba will not perform great in Box Office. The only possibility we see here that people could come to watch both the movies as its Christmas time. Talking about Zero Box Office Collection vs Simmba Box Office Collection, itis clear that Shahrukh Khan’s Zero will have a higher collection considering the fan base.

First Day35 Cr20.75 Cr14.25 Cr
Second Day28 Cr23.33 Cr4.67 Cr
Third Day25 Cr31.06 Cr6.06 Cr
4th Day18 Cr21.24 Cr3.24 Cr
5th Day22 Cr28.19 Cr6.19 Cr
6th Day15 Cr14.49 Cr0.51 Cr
7th Day12 Cr11.48 Cr0.52 Cr
8th Day6 Cr9.02 Cr3.02 Cr
9th Day4 Cr13.32 Cr9.32 Cr
10th Day3 Cr17.49 Cr14.49 Cr

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